Sony Announce Series Of PSP HD Remasters For PlayStation 3

by on May 25, 2011

A new “PSP Remaster” series of games has been announced by Sony Japan, whereby several PSP titles are being reworked specifically for the PlayStation 3. The titles will of course feature stunning high-definition graphics, new DLC add-ons will be made available and a host of additional new features will be implemented – such as PS3 Wireless Controller (SIXAXIS and DUALSHOCK 3) support. There is even the possibility that some of the games will be adapted to make use of the stereoscopic 3D features of the PS3 console. Sony are also promoting the fact that it will be possible to transfer save data for the games between PSP and PS3 – allowing players to play on the go or at home, when it suits them.

The first PSP Remaster title that is planned for release in Japan is going to be Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version, from Capcom. It may carry a rather clunky moniker, but the game will be a port of the latest instalment in the 4.5 million-selling Monster Hunter series. With improved graphics and through the use of large TV screens, the game aims to look better than ever on the PlayStation 3. It has been leaked that there are also planned PSP Remasters of the God of War PSP collection and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in the works. Sony have announced one caveat however – probably due in large to the fact that the PSP and its save files are easily hacked, unfortunately none of the PSP Remaster games will feature PlayStation Trophy support.

Here are a few images released by Capcom to show of Monster Hunter in HD:

[nggallery id=321]

Expect much more news and footage of the games in action to arrive at E3 in June.

Credit: Sony Japan Via Godisageek.com forum member JP.