Bungie Move Into The Mobile World

by on June 15, 2011

File this one under “very intruiging indeed” people, as Bungie have just released an app for smartphones, called Bungie.net Mobile, which they describe as their “first, small step into the mobile world. The first of many.”

The app is available now for free, and allows you to check up on your Halo: Reach stats whilst on the go, as well as keep up to date on Bungie news.

“It really is just a beginning – our first, super cute baby step. We already have adult-type plans to keep updating Bungie.net Mobile with new features and enhancements in the months and years to come.”

They have also released a Q&A on their official site, bungie.net.

Q. What devices and operating systems are supported?

Supported Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Supported OS: iOS 4+

Q. I don’t have a compatible device. I’m just going to give my username and password to a complete stranger online. That’s cool, right?

No. That’s a terrible idea. Never give your security credentials to anyone for any reason. Even if they offer free candy.

Q. When will this be coming to Android, Blackberry, Sidekick, Palm Pilot, etc.?

We’re not ready to announce phase 2 features at this time. That said, we hear non-iPhone users loud and clear. Same goes for feature requests covering forums, more robust stat integration, and free puppies. We make no specific promises, but we will be updating the app in the future.
Keep the comments coming and hang tight.

Q. So, I can only get Blue Flames if I currently use iOS?

Yes, but only in the short term. Keep your eyes on Bungie.net for news on this front soon.

Q. How do I enable Blue Flames in Halo: Reach?

Once you’ve activated it through the app, Blue Flames will show up in the Armory under Armor Effects, labeled “Eternal.”

Q. How do I enable the Bungie Nameplate?

Enable Blue Flames using the app and then visit your profile page on Bungie.net. You’ll need to have your gamertag linked.

Q. Do I get to keep these spectacular gifts after Bungie Day?


Bungie.net Mobile is available now on iOS devices running iOS4 or above.

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