Everything is on the line in the launch trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

by on May 28, 2024

“Nobody makes my fate but me.”

Hearing those words in a Destiny 2 trailer might not be a surprise on of itself, but when they’re uttered by the legendary Cayde-6 (in a role reprised by original voice actor Nathan Fillion), you know shit’s about to get real. Bungie have revealed the last launch trailer for their upcoming, Sage-ending story expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape, and, well, it’s a doozy.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Given the lacklustre response to last year’s Lightfall expansion and the 16 months of course-correcting Bungie has been doing ever since, it’s fair to say that there’s a lot riding on The Final Shape. The much-prophesied end to Bungie’s original 10-year plan for Destiny, this expansion aims to wrap up the Light versus Dark Saga once and for all, paving the way for new stories to be told in the Destiny universe. And it looks like Bungie are going all out in this one.

The trailer (below) doesn’t much set the scene as lay out the stakes. Everything is on the line which, in Destiny 2, is usually the case one way or another. But this time we’ve got everything to lose, too – and the trailer gives every indication that a major character is going out in The Final Shape. We see Ikora and Zavala in danger, Crow fighting side by side with a resurrected Cayde-6, and the entire galaxy being frozen into a perfect state of being – the titular Final Shape – by goofy-looking villain The Witness – who we’ll finally get to face and, hopefully, defeat.


It’s worth noting that the trailer also features a few voice lines by Keith David. The veteran voice actor is stepping into the battle-scarred armour of Vanguard Commander Zavala after the untimely passing of Lance Reddick in March of 2023. Reddick had pre-recorded almost all the dialogue needed for Destiny 2 right up until The Final Shape, so this is the first time we’re really hearing the massively popular character voiced by someone other than Reddick.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is a major expansion for Destiny 2. It will retail for £41.99 on PC and console, and kicks off with the weekly reset on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.