E3 2011: Full List Of Upcoming 3DS and eShop Game Titles

by on June 7, 2011

Nintendo 3DSNintendo today announced a plethora of third party titles which will be coming to the 3DS in the future, some you’ll already know about, but some were announced at Nintendo’s conference today.

There is some major Nintendo titles in the list, including Mario Kart and Luigi’s Mansion 2, which all have estimated release dates attached. Third party developers are out in force too, with some big name titles coming to the 3DS such as Need for Speed: The Run.

Some would argue that some of the titles should have been available at launch, but the titles coming to 3Ds should make up for the poor launch line up, and make those early investors in the console very happy indeed.

Check out this massive upcoming titles list, and then hit us up in the comment below to tell us what you think!

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