Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Mini-Preview

by on June 9, 2011

City Interactive’s sequel to the original Sniper Ghost Warrior is running on the latest iteration of CryEngine and, even at this very early stage of development, it shows. Textures, foliage and models all look great and crammed full of detail.

No comments about story were made during the presentation but God is a Geek did get to look at the gameplay of a single level, which was a mission to kill target who appeared to be hiding in a large, abandoned temple structure concealed high in the mountains.

This level really focussed on sniping and stealth, with long range kills highlighted by a bullet cam that tracked your shot in hyper-slow motion as it flew to its intended target.

Animations were rough at this stage, the rad-doll falls of your victims looking particularly old fashioned, but City Interactive have promised that this is one of the many things they are looking to tighten up as the game goes further through development. The end of the demonstration was a clever sniper battle against a gunship, where the players CPU teammate distracted the chopper whilst the player found high ground and an angle to snipe the pilot straight out of the cockpit. City didn’t comment on whether this type of design meant that there would be co-operative multiplayer, but it seems that Sniper 2 would lend itself to this kind of play.

It is difficult to say how interesting that kind of sniping action would be over a ten or twelve hour game, and the short demo did not show how much variety the studio would add to the game, but this was a small snapshot from a very early build of the game, so City Interactive now have a chance to iron out all of the flaws by its 2012 release.

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