Wii 2 Controller Details Leaked By Nikkei

by on June 3, 2011

Nintendo’s Wii 2, or Project Cafe, is due to be announced at Nintendo’s E3 press conference in just a few days time. According to Andrisang, a Nikkei report has leaked some information regarding the controller for the console.

The report states that the controller will have a touch screen, which players will be able to use to interact with characters on screen. In addition to this, the report says that the controller, which is six inches long, can be used as a portable games machine when not connected to the console. Yes, you read that correctly. The Wii 2 controller will be a portable games machine.

The Wii 2 controller will also have a rechargeable battery and a camera, which will allow for more interaction within games. The report also states that Nintendo’s Wii 2, which it calls “Wii Successor Console” will be released mid-2012.

It will be really interesting to see how Nintendo manage to integrate all of those features into a controller without it being the size of a small house. If this leak, and the earlier leaked tech specs are correct, then Nintendo will have a real interesting console on their hands, which will be a massive playground for developers all over the world.

It is going to be fun watching this one pan out over the next few days or so.

What do you think about Nintendo having a six inch long controller for the Wii’s successor? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Andrisang