Xbox 360 Online Capable Sales Are King Of The Hill

by on June 28, 2011

It seems that business people and gamers speak very different languages.

Us gamers define our treasured titles as shooters, platformers and fighters.

Business people use much more grown-up terms for games. No silly genre labels, oh no.

According to these businessmen, it seems as if Xbox 360 is the clear leader in one of their posh business categories: online-capable games.

Reported by Joystiq via Gamasutra, it appears that sales of online-capable games on the Xbox 360 have consistently doubled those of the PlayStation 3 since 2006. The statistics show that, during the same period, both consoles comfortably outperformed the Nintendo Wii in the sales of online-capable software.

It is also mentioned that the Xbox 360 vastly outperforms the PlayStation 3 and Wii when it comes to using points cards to purchase games and access downloadable content, with the Wii actually declining in this category over the past year.

So it would seem that, globally, people trust their Xbox to game online. Xbox Live does provide an excellent service but could it be as simple as the public wanting to get their moneys worth? It is a paid service after all. What the survey doesn’t detail is what constitutes an online-capable game. A majority of boxed titles released today do come with  some online component, even if it is just an online leader board. That break down would be fascinating.

The graph (procured from Joystiq via Gamastura) shows how the unit sales of online-capable games across the three major consoles compares.

Source: Joystiq.com