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Godcast Extra: Retail and Release Dates

by on November 14, 2011

Godcast Extra: Retail and Release DatesThis week in Godcast Extra, Alex joins Adam, Calvin and Tony to discuss what a release date means in 2011, why people shop where they do and what what business models online and high-street retailers use to drum up business.

Once upon a time, retail was a far simpler choice, because there was so few places to buy. With the advent of the internet, it’s all about speed and reliability, but in gaming it now seems to be “Who can get me the game before the release date?”. Is this now the latest business model for online retailers to compete in? What does this mean for the future if we go cloud-based and the publisher controls when the game is unlocked for play? Can we live without a nice manual to read on the toilet?

We’ll be back soon with Season 4 of the #Godcast¬†with some new features.

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