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Rumour: Are Microsoft Planning to Drop their Microsoft Points?

by on January 24, 2012

Microsoft PointsMicrosoft Points. You either hate them, or you tolerate them. Whilst they do allow users to make purchases on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, as well as other online stores such as the Zune store, without having to own a credit card they are also rather confusing, and criticism has been aimed at the fact that you sometimes have to purchase more points than you actually need if you are looking to buy only a single item (for example a shiny new hat for your Avatar).

However, if rumour is to be believed then Microsoft are planning to abolish this system, and in it’s place real money (yes, real money!) will be used for purchases.

The story comes from an article over at Inside Mobile Apps, which claims to have a source with “knowledge of the company’s decision” with regards to phasing out the Microsoft Points system. The site claims that mobile developers have been warned to ensure that any upcoming DLC or in-app purchases can be made using proper currencies rather than Microsoft Points. Inside Mobile Apps claims this change will occur by the end of 2012.

If this news does turn out to be true, I for one will welcome the change. After all, who needs fake money when we have Monopoly money!

Source: Inside Mobile Apps