Square Enix Are Bringing KooZac to iOS & Android Devices

by on January 19, 2012

Square Enix Are Bringing KooZac to iOS & Android DevicesIf you mix a dollup of Tetris, a pinch of Sodoku and a sprinkling of Drop7…you would still be very hungry ’cause none of these are cake ingredients. However, you would get what has been called, “the ultimate in brain training”, KooZac. The aim of the game, is to place falling blocks in places that will add up to a number in the top right corner of the screen. Each block has their own specific number.

The game, which was created many years ago as a browser game, has accumulated over 15 million online plays and has one countless awards. Today is has been announced that Square Enix have bought the license and will be bringing the game to Android and iOS devices. They have also hired Ben Cusack, the creator of KooZac, as the head of their mobile games department.

Antony Douglas, Digital Sales Director at Square Enix  said that, “KooZac has all the makings of a classic puzzle game and heralds a new style of casual game for Square Enix Ltd and our expanding digital portfolio,”. Ben Cusack was also extremely happy about the possibilities of his game’s new reach, “On a personal and professional level I look forward to taking KooZac to a much wider audience via the forthcoming Smartphone and tablet versions.”.

The iOS and Android version of KooZac will include the following modes;

•Puzzle – Play through 60 levels, destroying the silver puzzle blocks and clearing the board by completing the targets.

• Endless – No level, no stage – compete against the world in Endless mode and use multi gems to rack up huge scores.

•Blitz – Complete targets and use boosts in order to get the highest score possible in one minute. By connecting with Facebook, players can compete with others for high scores on live leaderboards.

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KooZac is set for release in Q1 for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices