New epic trailer for Heroes Of Ruin!

by on March 14, 2012

All I can say is my jaw just dropped with the new ‘Customization and Personalization’ trailer for Heroes Of Ruin. It may not be Skyrim but for a Nintendo 3DS game it is a pretty epic trailer. Developed by n-space and produced by Square Enix London, Heroes OF Ruin looks to be a RPG fanboy or girls wet 3DS dream. It could just be that epic voice that narrates the trailer but this is the kind of game that can prove the viability of the 3DS and perhaps extend the lifespan as a legitimate handheld.

Story wise Heroes Of Ruin follows the tale of four mercenaries who must find a cure for a ruler who has been cursed. You can form alliances with each other or adventure separately. The game allows for co-op multiplayer as well as a bevy of social features including an expansive traders network for players to buy and sell items. Customization seems to be a very big part of Heroes Of Ruin and you will be able personalize the look and feel of your character through armor and weapons. Developer n-space is putting a lot of time and energy in to utilizing all the social and communication tools of the 3DS so customization as well as overall game play may be bigger in scope than anything to hit the 3Ds so far. Even the game website incorporates a social aspect with a fan site building kit.

The 3Ds continues to impress me as quality hardware and not just a gimmick especially with games like Heroes Of Ruin. So you be the judge of it, for me the trailer is pretty darn epic for a handheld game. The game seems to pack a lot of customization and I can’t wait to test drive the game.

Heroes Of Ruin should be expected some time early this year so keep an eye out for it soon.