Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Out Now on PS3, Next Week on 360 & PC

by on June 21, 2012

Battlefield-3-Close-Quarters-Out-Now-on-PS3-Next-Week-on-360-&-PCBattlefield 3’s second expansion is now available for everyone on PSN, non-Premium members on Xbox 360 and PC can join in the action next week.

In Close Quarters almost everything can be reduced to rubble leaving the floor littered with debris, changing the map as the match progresses.

The pack also brings new assignments, dog tags, and weapons:

  • 10 new Assignments
  • 5 unique dog tags
  • 3 maps
  • AUG Assault Rifle
  • SCAR Assault Rifle
  • ACW-R Carbine
  • MTAR-21 Carbine
  • M417 Sniper Rifle
  • JNG-90 Sniper Rifle
  • L86LSW Machine Gun
  • LSAT Machine Gun
  • M5K Tactical Machine Pistol
  • SPAS-12 Shotgun

The recently announced Battlefied 3 Premium service is available now on PSN, Xbox LIVE, and PC for £39.99/$50. Premium members get access to all future expansions, including Close Quarters earlier than anyone else, although PS3 players will still get access 1 week in advance of the other two platforms.

Closer Quarters costs £11.99/$15/1200msp or comes free for Premium members.