AION Free-to-Play: The Incoming 3.0 Update

by on August 7, 2012

AION Free-to-Play: The Incoming 3.0 UpdateGameforge’s 3.0 update for AION is promised to be the most extensive expansion yet. The add-on will include two new areas and a high number of new features including new mounts and a player housing system.

The two new areas will be called Sarpan and Tiamaranta and can be played both in PvP and PvE. New single and multiplayer instances, fortress battles and boss monsters will appear alongside with a bucket-load of new items and the welcomed level cap increase to level 60.

Speed is of the essence in this update as Daevas will be able to use mounts aside from their wings to get to their desired location faster. There is a new reason for players to rush back home as their home will be fully customisable and by learning the new furniture handcrafting skill, players will be able to create their own furniture. On top of that, the changing of the seasons will now be clearly visible on your home area which is clearly a good thing as it gives a bit more to the passing of time between and during missions.

The 3.0 update for AION will arrive on 15th August 2012 in Europe.