Harry Potter For Kinect – New Artwork & Screens

by on August 15, 2012

Harry Potter For Kinect – New Artwork & Screens“You’re a Kinect game, Harry!”

While his book and movie exploits finished a while ago, there is plenty of life left in the world of Hogwarts (and plenty of money to extract from the wallets of children and parents alike!).

Coming soon to a Kinect-enabled Xbox near you, is a motion-controlled representation of the world of Harry Potter; where you’ll experience events such as being sorted by the Sorting Hat, playing a game of Quidditch, and taking on He Who Must Not Me Named.

Some new artwork and screens from the game have been released, while you can see by waving your wand and reciting the magic words “Screenshotarius”.

Or by clicking the gallery images below. Your choice.

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