Fan Creates Super Meat Boy in a Mario Galaxy World

by on November 14, 2012

Fan Creates Super Meat Boy in a Mario Galaxy WorldJust imagine, the boy who is made from meat, running around in a 3D world. A Reddit user by the name of HilariousCow has created just that, which Eurogamer then picked up on.

In celebration of Team Meat’s own Tommy Refenes turning 30 years old, HilariousCow has made a little tech demo via Unity, showing off what Super Meat Boy would be like if it took place in a universe similar to Mario Galaxy. According to HilariousCow,”This isn’t a serious stab at making anything sellable or anything, it’s just an experiment in adaptation.”

Even if it’s just a little project that this Reddit user put together for fun, have a look at the video below. Using the similar wall-jumping mechanics and twitch based gameplay, Super Meat Boy Galaxy shows that The Red One could possibly work in this type of environment.

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