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Crysis 3 – PC Vs. Xbox 360 Comparison

by on March 15, 2013

If there’s one game series that tests the limits of the format it’s being played on, it’s Crysis. Crytek, the developers, have constantly built games that are as much benchmarking tools as they are video games. Even the first game they created, Far Cry, was regarded as such and things haven’t changed much in the almost ten years since that game’s initial release.

The latest entrant in their series of video games/benchmark software is Crysis 3, which runs on the visually impressive CryEngine 3. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game do a good job at making the world look astonishing, but there’s nothing quite like what’s capable on a PC. There’s no doubt that Crysis 3 will be used for years to come as the game to use when figuring out if your new gaming rig is as good as you initially thought it was; and there’s good reason for that.

Anyway, here’s the video you’ve all been waiting to see. Please bare in mind that we seem to have been having audio issues with the PC recording, it doesn’t affect the visuals – the thing you’re all here to see – but it’s there and we’re working on fixing it for future recordings.

The first think that’s noticeable about the comparison is that a lot of the videos, both the pre-rendered video and the in-engine one, look pretty close to each other. There are a couple of glaring differences with the PC version of the game in the in-engine cutscene, especially the section where the helicopter comes in for the landing, but for the most part the Xbox 360 does a pretty impressive job for hardware that’s as old as it is. The gameplay is quite different though, and this is on a PC that was only capable of running the game on low settings; so there’s a lot more to squeeze out of the game than I was even capable of.

What do you think about the comparison? What do you think about the Crytek games in general? Are they more benchmarking software than video games? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check back regularly for more videos from GodisaGeek.com.

Crysis 3 is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.