Ron Gilbert Teases Us All with Flight of “Monkey Island” Fancy

by on April 17, 2013

Ron-Gilbert-Teases-Us-All-with-Flight-of-Monkey-Island-FancyThese games people, eh? Always like to tease us. Teaser trailers. Mysterious press releases, videos, viral campaigns and what have you.

Ron Gilbert has decided to eschew this approach, and just bang out a tantalising sixteen-point manifesto over at his Grumpygamer blog, explaining how he would approach a new instalment in the much-loved Monkey Island series of point ‘n’ click classics. Sadly, this missive is nothing more than a big achy disappointment, as Ron sets his stall out early doors by saying that he is definitely NOT making another Monkey Island.

What a rotter. I guess this is even more poignant now given the fact that Lucasarts, home to the franchise is days past, is sadly no longer with us.

But hey – his blog post allows us all to dream. And if we pester him enough, then who knows? Dude has obviously got his game-plan mapped out.