Wii U Virtual Console Launches Tomorrow

by on April 26, 2013

Seven games will be included in tomorrow’s launch.Wii-U-Virtual-Console-Launches-Tomorrow

As promised in the latest Nintendo Direct, the Wii U Virtual Console will launch tomorrow, one day after the 3.0 firmware update.

According to CVG, the launch lineup includes both NES and SNES titles…

– Donkey Kong Jr.- $4.99 (NES)

– Excitebike- $4.99 (NES)

– F-Zero- $7.99 (SNES)

– Ice Climbers- $4.99 (NES)

– Mario’s Super Picross- $7.99 (SNES)

– Punch-Out!!- $4.99 (NES)

– Super Mario World- $7.99 (SNES)

The Wii U Virtual Console features off-TV play, customizable controls, instant saves, and its own Miiverse community.  If you currently own a game from the Wii Virtual Console, the titles can be converted to the enhanced Wii U VC version for $0.99 (NES) or $1.49 (SNES).  You don’t have to repurchase either if you bought a title during the trial period.  Nintendo has promised more titles “soon.”