Zeno Clash II Brawls Its Way onto Steam

by on April 30, 2013

ACE Team’s self-proclaimed “stonepunk” game is now available on PC.

The sequel still lets you punch enemies in the face from a first-person perspective, need I say more?

ACE Team’s Zeno Clash II combines an unique visual style and story. Despite being played in a first-person perspective, it actually plays like a classic brawler, not a shooter. There are weapons and magic, but this game’s unique gameplay comes from its fighting mechanics. Players will play as Ghat who explores the world of Zenozoik on a quest on the way to rid the area of the secretive Golem and find FatherMother. Zeno Clash II also includes a co-op mode as Ghat works in partnership with his sister Rimat.

Zeno Clash II is currently available for Windows PC (via Steam) and will be released for Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live) and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network) in 2013.