GameStick Explanation Video Explains GameStick

by on May 1, 2013

As long as you can endure some painful dubstep, this video does a good job of detailing what GameStick is about.

One of those newfangled ‘Android Consoles‘, alongside fellow kickstarted system Ouya, the GameStick plugs straight into your telly and lets you play Android games with a proper controller.

GameStick prides itself on its compact nature and overall ease of use, as presented in the video below. With its very Playstation store-like interface, it looks rather sleek as well.

My issue is simply this: the games they’re showing look a little, well, meh. Mostly. Though perhaps I’m too hung up on that Kartz game the video lingers on for four seconds too long – it simply looks a bit rubbish and not the sort of compelling Android software that’s going to get me to buy the system.

But hey, it could be groovy and I might be counting my chickens, geese and velociraptors before any of them have had a chance to hatch. Check out the video below and do tell us what you think…