Kickstarted Microconsole GameStick Gets Global Release Date

by on September 12, 2013

This year has already seen the release of the OUYA, but there’s another crowd-funded, Android-powered console on the horizon.

Small enough to fit in a pocket, GameStick smashed its Kickstarter goal in January of this year and will be released on October 29. Interestingly, GAME have exclusive retail rights for GameStick here in the UK, just as they do for OUYA. A lot of faith in microconsoles from the retailer, there.

Keen to avoid the pitfalls that OUYA suffered from, GameStick’s parent company PlayJam have stressed that every backer should still be receiving their consoles pre-launch, with backer units being shipped at the end of this month.

With MadCatz and Sony entering the microconsole market soon with Mojo and Vita TV respectively, things are beginning to get awfully crowded. Hopefully for PlayJam, GameStick’s gimmick of sleek portability will set it apart.