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We Predict: Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal

by on May 21, 2013

At 6pm BST Microsoft will show us what they’ve got in store for next gen with the unveiling of their third Xbox console. The biggest gaming event since the last one and until the next one, the gaming giant will have the internet ablaze with discussion and excitement come this evening.

Below, the team here at GodisaGeek.com have attempted to predict the largely unpredictable, each hoping to predict something huge and reap all the limited street-cred that comes with such an accomplishment.

There will be Call of Duty: Ghosts, there will be FIFA 14 and there will be Don Mattrick. What else? Let’s see what the team thinks…


Calvin Robinson – Executive Editor

​I presume there will be a lot of business talk during the announcement. Of course there will be a lot of hype, too. But hopefully, we’ll find out some solid details.

The smart solution would be to ignore Sony’s conference altogether, and focus on Microsoft’s own message. They should use this opportunity to tell us where they’re taking the Xbox brand over the next half-decade or so. Fingers crossed it’s not entirely home-entertainment oriented, it might still run games!

If things go the way I imagine, which they probably won’t, there won’t be much emphasis on games. They’ll probably​ show a handful of titles, just to show-off which exclusive are hitting the new Xbox, and to demonstrate the performance and possibilities of the new hardware. All the big game related news should be saved for E3.

​With a focus on hardware, we should hopefully find out the official s​pecs. We’ll see what operating system is running (will it be Windows 8, or a close approximation?), we’ll find out what the console actually looks like, and we’ll finally have a name to work with!​​​​​

It will be called: Xbox
One game we’ll see (which isn’t CoD): Anything from EA or EA Partners.
Always online? Yes, for the most part. But they won’t pitch it that way.



Adam Cook – UK Editor

I expect Microsoft to be reactive to what Sony have shown, but also come out guns blazing with what their new “device” looks like, pretty early on. Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb’s reaction to Sony not showing the console will look rather silly if Microsoft then do exactly the same. We’ll surely see Halo 5 or a Gears of War title (though both would be a bit much), though if we see anything Gears related, I think it’ll be alluded to, or shown in teaser form.

My heart says PGR will get revealed, but my head says a new Forza will be shown instead – both would seem a bit over the top. I fully expect Kinect 2.0 to be revealed, and games and features teased, with a view to showing more at E3.

It will be called: Xbox or Xbox Infinity
One game we’ll see (which isn’t CoD): Forza
Always online? Complicated


twitter2Martin Baker – Deputy Editor

Attempting to predict what Microsoft are going to pull out of the hat today is both a difficult thing and a deceptively simple thing all at once. Of course, with the Xbox 360 enjoying the success it has had, and with it being seven years of this current generation, they’re obviously going to want to impress us with what their new console can do.

To that end I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they’re going to concentrate on what the hardware is capable of and only show a couple of games in order to show the capabilities. Instead of concentrating on the games, I believe that they’ll show the new dashboard (possibly also showing the inevitable update to the Xbox 360) as well as showing what people are going to be able to do with their new console apart from “just” playing games.

On top of that, I think that it’s a cert that Microsoft will show the actual console – along with a sly quip about Sony not showing theirs. They’ll also show the controller, along with any changes that have been made to it, and reveal the Kinect 2 and show what that’s capable of. 

It will be called: Xbox
One game we’ll see: Ryse
Always online? No


ColmColm Ahern – News Editor

It’s easy to say that the console will be called Infinity/Infinite. It’s easy to say that Kinect 2.0 and IllumiRoom will feature in some shape or form. So, rather than rattle off the usual predictions, I’ve decided to think outside the box…outside the Xbox, if you will (ZING!).

Firstly, they need exclusives. When you look at the PS4 event from February, Sony came out swinging with Killzone, inFamous, Knack, DriveClub and a few other titles that will only be available on their platform. Sure, Forza will be shown off and Halo/Gears may appear at some stage, but Microsoft need to bring at least two brand new properties to the table. I would like to think they won’t be shooters, either. Maybe even some colourful, cartoon platformer. It would be a nice change of pace after the Xbox 360 which mainly showed off fifty shades of brown.

With it being aired on Spike TV in the States, Microsoft will have the casuals in mind, so expect a smattering of casual games talk and very little console spec talk. Also, a lot of “entertainment app” spiel. A lot.

It will be called: Xbox Infinite
One game we’ll see: Some Kinect bollocks
Always online? A little bit from column A and a little bit from column B


mick-fraserMick Fraser – Reviews Editor

I’d expect that Microsoft will be pushing away from games and marketing the Next Xbox as a home entertainment hub. SmartGlass will feature heavily, I expect, and they’ll pull something out of the bag to rival the whole “Vita as a PS4 controller” thing, like using the Surface as a controller and screen combo.

I doubt we’ll see Halo 5 or Forza before E3, but I expect we’ll see vampire RPG Dark as it’s rumoured to be Xbox and PC only. Would be really cool if Call of Duty: Ghosts was revealed as an exclusive, but that’s unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely…

It will be called: Xbox
One game we’ll see: Dark
Always online? No


ben-skipperBen Skipper – Staff Writer

Things will go bang. Bros will go “Woah” and Microsoft will attempt to sell what on the surface will look like a pretty good package. I’m expecting to see the console right off the bat, they’ll announce backwards-compatibility and Kinect 2.0 will rear its ugly head. There will also be lots of talk about entertainment apps of course and a share function similar to the PS4s.

As for games, I think Project Gotham Racing 5 is more likely than Forza, a new Kinect-based game like Dance Central or Kinect Sports is likely and maybe Epic will show off some Fortnite too. We may also see the Black Tusk Studio project, which could be there tentpole title for the launch. There might also be a teaser for something big, possibly Halo 5, but I expect they’ll keep something major for E3.

Usher will wish us all a Happy Hanukkah or something too.

It will be called: Xbox
One game we’ll see: Black Tusk Studios’ game
Always online? No


Lee-128Lee Garbutt – Staff Writer

I think Microsoft are going to try and one-up Sony by showing all of the hardware, including console, controllers and possibly the alleged Kinect 2. We might see something in the way of at least one new IP from a well-known developer (Epic, maybe?), and a selection of sequels including the next Forza, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Halo.

Microsoft will also dedicate a hefty chunk of time towards the entertainment aspects of the system, including third party applications such as Netflix, ESPN, etc. as well as further integration with Windows 8 and Smartglass. Media consumption is going to be a huge part of what the next Xbox will be, and MS will make that very clear from the start.

Don’t expect Microsoft to even acknowledge the rumours about second-hand games; that clarification will come some other time. But you can expect an overhaul of Xbox LIVE, including improved Achievements and social functionality (sharing to Facebook/Twitter, etc.)

It will be called: Xbox Infinity
One game we’ll see: Rare’s next Kinect game
Always online? Benefits from being always online, but option can be switched off


robin-128Robin Parker – Senior Staff Writer

Microsoft will be even more hardware focused than the PS4 reveal. They will show the actual machine, which will come with Kinect 2.0 built-in. The control pad will remain relatively unchanged.

A teaser for a new Halo will appear – but only very briefly. EA will reveal more about their exclusivity deals and we will see the next-gen of Kinect games such as a new Kinect Sports and Dance Central.

Xbox LIVE will be free for those buying a premium console pack and there will be a big focus on the new entertainment offerings on the machine – of course with celebrity guests.

It will be called: Xbox Infinity
One game we’ll see: New Dance Central
Always online: No


james-bowdenJames Bowden – Staff Writer

The big Xbox reveal, eh? Struggling to cobble together my hype but if there’s one thing Microsoft could talk about that would get me pledging my hundreds of pounds towards their next console then it would be something like, I dunno, an exclusive Killer Instinct by Netherrealm perhaps?

I don’t trust Rare with games anymore and my Xbox 360 has become my fighter box; the recent Guilty Gear reveal has unveiled the stark reality that whichever machine is doing scrappers the best is the one that will get my early allegiance, and an exclusive brawler would cement my attention.

Speaking of which, I just want games. Microsoft will probably want to blabber on about Hulu and Netflix and Pizza Hut and Kinect, but this reveal has been thrust down gamers throats with such vehemence that if they don’t have a herd of titles to unveil I will be perturbed. I don’t even care if it’s a Perfect Dark 2 by not-Rare, as long as Microsoft have new titles in their lesser, more interesting IPs, or new franchises altogether, then I’ll get behind the box.

The one thing I am expecting, and hoping is just my pessimism talking, is a more expensive tier of Xbox LIVE for unlimited social sharing. They charged for more space to share your captured Halo media so I don’t see it as much of a leap. Xbox LIVE Platinum anyone?

It will be called: Potential Fighter Box 2
One game we’ll see: Kinect Sports 3
Always online? Not entirely but there will be a catch, perhaps dependent on publisher.


francis-mccabeFrancis McCabe – Staff Writer

Microsoft will open with all the New Xbox- Named Infinity- and discuss all the features to get all the rumour stuff out of the way.  Then some demos/trailers from COD: Ghosts, Project Gotham Racing 5, Batman Arkham Origins, then a lot of games that use Kinect 2.0 that will cause a lot of groans.  Finally, end with announcing a partnership with EA and Respawn while 4 guys from Respawn stand on the stage Bungie-style.

It will be called: Xbox Inifinity
One game we’ll see: Batman Arkham Origins
Always online? No

What do you think? Let us know your predictions below and be sure to check back on the site tonight for all the news