Ken Levine is Beginning to Write New Game

by on May 13, 2013

It doesn’t even seem like the dust is settling on BioShock Infinite yet, but creative director and lead writer on the game Ken Levine is already putting pen to paper, once again.

Through Gamespot, we’ve seen that Irrational Games co-founder Levine took to Twitter and confirmed that he was beginning to write:

“Game writing this afternoon. This is something else”

A fan asked Levine what he draws on for inspiration and he cited popular AMC drama Mad Men, film directors Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood), Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket), the Coen Brothers (No Country For Old Men) and Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s 11)

Asked by a Twitter user what he looks to for inspiration, Levine called out period drama Mad Men, as well as the work of film directors Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood,) the Coen brothers (No Country for Old Men) Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket), and Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s 11).

On top of that, he also mentioned that UK writer Tom Stoppard (Brazil) and Stephen Sondheim, who composed the music for Sweeney Todd, were also a few names that get his creative juices flowing.

Critically, BioShock Infinite was a rip-roaring success and it appears like anything Irrational touches turns to gold. Therefore, I’m sure many of you are pretty pleased that Ken Levine is cracking on with his next game, already.