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PlayStation 4 Console Will Be Shown at E3

by on May 20, 2013

For some reason, many people were very upset that they didn’t get to see the PS4 at the console’s announcement event in February. Well, a video has just gone live over on PlayStation 4’s official website that gives a time and date for when the general public will finally get to see the system.

June 10 at 6 pm PDT is when the world will see Sony’s newest entry in the PlayStation family, which is evidently the company’s E3 press briefing, also.

The video, which you can see below, shows a blurred black box. So, it’s black. Surprise!

Seriously though, does the look of the console really matter all that much when we always knew it would be just a black box? Please, let us know in the comments section why you’re excited to finally see the hardware.