Ryse is an Xbox One Exclusive

by on May 22, 2013

The Kinect based game was first shown off at E3 in  2010 and then again the following year. In 2011, Microsoft said that Kinect would be a massive focus, but we’ve seen nothing ever since.

Today, Crytek has announced that Ryse will be coming exclusively to Xbox One. Recently, sources of The Verge were told that Ryse had been re-developed for Microsoft’s next generation system and today’s news confirms that the game won’t be released on Xbox 360.

The game is set during the Roman Empire, where the player will assume the role of a soldier. Crytek has also stated that the game will feature “controller based gameplay enhanced by Kinect”.

A Roman numeral countdown clock is on Crytek’s site and it counts down to Microsoft’s E3 presser, so it appears that we’ll be seeing Ryse on stage in San Fran.