Ken Levine Hired to Write Logan’s Run Screenplay

by on June 19, 2013

Those of you that love a bit of Sci-Fi will undoubtedly have seen, or at least heard of, 1976 cult classic Logan’s Run. Well, a remake has been on the cards for a while now and it seems the plan to recreate another classic is well and truly on, with the revelation that Bioshock creator Ken Levine will be penning the screenplay.

Levine hasn’t always been involved in Video Games, he started his career as a screenwriter and playwright back in the day, long before hitting the big time with Bioshock at Irrational Games. The original film, based on William F. Nolan’s book, tells the story of a society in which everyone is executed at the age of 21 as a means of population control. The people that try and escape are called ‘runners’, hence the title.

Are you excited for a Logan’s Run remake penned by Mr Levine? Or would you rather he was working on a Bioshock movie instead? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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