Ex SNK Staffers Seek Crowd Funding For Yatagarasu 2D Fighter

by on June 28, 2013

Yatagarasu is one of the best kept secrets in the murky underground world of doujin fighting games. Named after the mythical crow from Japanese folklore, it is a highly impressive brawler that recalls the heyday of classic SNK fighters, whilst also pinching little bits from the likes of 3rd Strike.

The game was created by Umezone – one of Japan’s best tournament-level fighting game players, and Kotani Tomoyuki – a former designer for SNK and Cave, who worked on the King of Fighters series from ’99 to ’02.

Now Nyu Media, the publishing partner and localization studio, is seeking crowd funding via Indiegogo to put out an enhanced version of the game, the snappily titles Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm. With the funding goal set at $68,000, the new version of the game promises more characters than the original, a dynamic dual-language commentary system, and full English localization. With the original already a mightily impressive indie offering, we sincerely hope that they meet their target.