Warframe Available on PS4 at Launch, Trailer Inside

by on June 5, 2013

The F2P title Warframe will be available on PlayStation 4 at launch. Currently only available on PC, Digital Extremes third person shooter will be playable at next week’s E3 in preparation for its console arrival. Creative director Steve Sinclair is notably delighted with this revelation:

“The fact that we’re developing Warframe for the launch of the PS4 this fall is unbelievably awesome. The irony is not lost on me that our original sci-fi concept for this game was the first ever seen footage for the PS3 generation that never came to fruition until now.  Exciting times are ahead with this next gen transition.”

There will also be some form of second-screen integration via an app that will be available to Android and iOS users entitled Warframe Nexus. The companion allows players to interact with the game in several ways, whilst away from their console.

At this point in time, the game is exclusive to PlayStation. Another feather in the free-to-play cap of Sony.