GTA V Coming to PS4?

by on August 27, 2013

A tweet from the Sony UK Twitter account may have accidentally leaked the existence of next-gen GTA V, or someone’s finger slipped in the most unfortunate direction.

The tweet, spotted by NeoGAF, was in response to a happy sounding fan that likes a bit of Daft Punk. The Tweet reads ‘GTA V is going to be amazing, especially on the PS4! What other games are you looking forward to playing, Norman?’

Could Grand Theft Auto V on a next-gen machine be real? Is Rockstar going to turn around in a week and tell us that all the footage we’ve seen was running on PS4? Unlikely, but it would be a shocker, wouldn’t it?

This wouldn’t be the first thing Sony have leaked in regards to GTA V either, as they’ve already apologised for their early downloads of the game being responsible for some leaked information.

If you ask me, I fall on the typo side of the fence. Why would Sony leave it this close to the launch of the actual game before revealing such a juicy exclusive? Everyone is already committed, in their mind, that they’re buying the game on PS3/Xbox 360 by now.

I’m also a firm believer that Rockstar march to their own drum, and that next-gen was never a consideration. But hey, money talks…