New Star Soccer Dev Discusses Sequel Ideas

by on August 1, 2013

The creator of New Star Soccer has been speaking with Eurogamer on what a sequel to the iOS game could be like.

Creator Simon Read said that, although he’d like to stick with the basic template, there would be some drastic changes to the scope available to players. One suggestion he had would be to make the entire pitch visible through pinching the screen – allowing for much longer passes. He also added that once a pass is made to a teammate, he’d like to make it so that the player could receive the ball back, in the same move.

However, Read was quick to point out that these are just some of the things he’s currently pondering over when it comes to New Star Soccer 2:

“This is all ideas bubbling at the moment, because one of the great things about New Star Soccer is it’s just short sharp sessions. You make a shot, you score a goal, on to the next one. If you tinker with that and you make it too convoluted and it doesn’t have that snappy feel about it then you may lose something about what makes New Star Soccer good.”

In terms of the managerial side of things, Read added that he’d prefer to replace the relationship meters in the game with something that makes the experience, “deeper”, by including more complex decisions when it comes to players’ lives and whatnot.

Currently at work on an update to the original that will see headers and female players come to the game in the near future.

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