Rayman Legends: Daily Challenges – Day 10

by on September 4, 2013

By now, hopefully you’ve read our review of the stunning Rayman Legends, but we thought we’d do a little daily challenges feature, where I play (hopefully well – more than likely, badly) one of the game’s new features, the challenges.

There are two daily challenges (standard and extreme) and two weekly ones. In theory, these shouldn’t be very long videos, because most of the challenges are based around existing levels that have some kind of variation on them.

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Day 10: Tinged with sadness, we bid farewell with what I think is a decent time for the daily challenge. We end the journey by playing the weekly challenges, too. Thanks for watching, everyone!

Day 9: Dreary eyed and with a lack of coffee, I decided to do today’s video in the morning. Bugger me if it wasn’t the hardest extreme challenge to date. As you know (by now, surely?) I struggle on the falling ones, so it took at least three attempts before I finally did it. And yes, I really was going to give up if I’d failed again, but I didn’t!

Day 8: Back to work, it’s Monday – so I’m powered by MILK. This is the shortest video in the series, so be grateful for that one, but to be honest, as much as I love this game, the lack of variation is starting to be a bit of a grind. Still…MILK!

Day 7: Sunday…yawn. George (my youngest lad) joins us today, and we have a quick look at the weekly challenge as well as the two daily ones. Platinum get! (But…yeah, it’s actually only a minute after the new challenge went up…

Day 6: Since it’s the weekend, I thought I’d change things up a bit. After my wife declined her invitation, I roped in my eldest son to play with me instead. It’s a good job I’m not overly competitive, as he promptly smashed me in the first challenge. Though I get my revenge in the extreme one.

Day 5: These two were both a lot of fun, but I’m a bit disappointed nobody on my friends list has grabbed the game yet! The first challenge is about collecting as many lums as you can in 60 seconds, then it’s time to run as far as I can.

Day 4: Falling challenges! Bloody falling challenges! They’ve returned for day four, but the extreme challenge is a lot more fun, tasking me with grabbing as many lums as I can in 60 seconds. Have a watch, below.

Day 3: Wired controllers be damned, it’s time to revert to wireless and have a go. But it seems the leaderboards may have been reset, as I’ve lost my previous day’s work, and didn’t get any lums today!

Day 2: Less tired today, so a sprightly playthrough. I love today’s Extreme challenge, and it’s clear I prefer the ones that require running as far as you can, or climbing. Basically, I don’t like falling, which is why today’s daily challenge is a poor effort on my behalf.

Day 1: Not a bad first effort, though deciding to record the first challenge on a bank holiday morning whilst still groggy from a rare lay-in may have been a bad decision. The extreme challenge is one of those horrible falling down levels, which as you’ll learn from these videos, I do not excel at. The normal challenge is one of the endless runner ones, which I normally do very well in, but not today, it seems.

Day Zero: More of a test than anything, but you get to see the weekly challenges, too.