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PS4 FAQ: Sony Clarify Digital and Used Game Sharing

by on October 28, 2013

Sony have posted an FAQ on their website all about the PlayStation 4.

In it they clarify how the console will work in regard to used and digital games, as well as how PS Plus accounts will work.

“You can share disc games with your friends and play used disc games on your PS4 system just like you can on a PlayStation 3 system,” reads the FAQ.

PS Plus accounts will be linked to a primary console on which anyone with any account will be able to access the features of PS Plus and any games bought through PSN.

Gamers will be able to play downloadable games on any PS4 console, so long as they are logged into the PS Plus account.

“Games you download can be played by users who share your PS4 system, such as your family and friends,” it reads. “You do not have to log in to the system for other users to play these games.”

“If you join PlayStation Plus, benefits such as online multiplayer features that come with that membership can be enjoyed by users who share your PS4 system. You do not have to log in to the system for other users to enjoy these benefits.”

There’s no new information, but the page lays out what we do know in plain language.

The PlayStation 4 will be released in Europe on November 29th.

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