Japanese Voice-Over DLC Announced for Lightning Returns

by on November 22, 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will offer the original Japanese voice-overs as free DLC during the game’s first two-weeks on sale.

After this two week period the DLC will have a price tag attached to it. How much that is, however, remains a mystery.

The Japanese voice-track includes both the audio, but also the correct lip-synching, to ensure it’s a true Japanese audio and visual experience.

Right, now, what do you make of this? In my opinion, it’s cut content. The game was designed for Japanese players and would have had this in as standard, why charge us a premium for the privilege? I accept there’s a grace period for early purchasers to get it for nothing, but why charge for something like this?

I suppose it’s as close as Square-Enix can get to an online pass in a solo JRPG…

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