Hello Games Announce Endless Runner Joe Danger Infinity For iOS

by on December 19, 2013

UK studio Hello Games have announced Joe Danger Infinity for iOS.

Hello Games recently grabbed headlines when they announced their next big project, procedurally-generated space exploration game No Man’s Sky.

The original Joe Danger was the studio’s first project, a side-scrolling racer/platformer released on PSN in 2010, Xbox Live a year later and iOS and PC earlier this year.

Joe Danger Infinity is a brand new mobile version turning the game into an endless runner.

In a press release Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray says: “This has all come about because we absolutely love Hot Wheels and Micro Machines and the awesomeness of fighting remote control choppers, dodging snooker balls and ramping over blocks of cheese!

“It’s like we’ve gone full circle to back when we were coming up with the idea for the original Joe Danger, just playing with a little toy Evel Knievel stunt cycle.”

Joe Danger Infinity will feature 20 new vehicles, 24 new characters based on famous toys and a renewed focus on score boards.

Among the new vehicles are cars, planes, a tank and a runaway firework.

A release date for Joe Danger Infinity wasn’t given but Murray did say it would be “really soon”.

Two screenshots from the game were also released and can be seen below.

Joe Danger Infinity Screenshots (2)

Joe Danger Infinity Screenshots (1)

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