Let’s Play: Ryse: Son of Rome – Colosseum Pack DLC

by on December 31, 2013

Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the launch titles for the Xbox One and, as with any title in recent memory, it hasn’t taken long for the developer – Crytek – to come out with the first piece of DLC.

This slice – the Colosseum Pack – adds two new gladiator costumes (Roman Centurion and Commodus) as well as two new multiplayer arenas (Henge and Ascension). These arena maps can only be played with another person, either locally or over Xbox LIVE, so don’t expect to be able to go in alone.

The following video shows very small snippets from each of the new arenas, but they both take close to half an hour to fully complete; even longer if you’re just having fun hacking and slashing away at the barbarians.

If you’re a fan of Ryse: Son of Rome’s multiplayer (and judging by how quick it is to get into a match, along with the number of mid-level characters I’ve seen, there are a lot of you) then the additional maps are entertaining and can easily be played through a couple of times without getting bored of them.

I’d hope any future DLC adds a couple more game mode, some even more interesting new arenas and perhaps a couple of gladiator skins not recycled from the single-player campaign, but as a start it’s not bad.

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