Razer Reveal New Headphones

by on January 3, 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 opens it doors on Monday, but Razer are too eager to wait for Monday to come, so they just went ahead and unveiled their latest headset range today.

The Adaro range includes four different models: the Adaro In-Ear Analog Earphones, the Adaro Stereo Analog Headphones, the Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and the Adaro DJ Analog Headphones. All of which are available to pre-order now and will go on sale globally in February.

The In-Ear Analog Earphones feature an aluminum body and high-performance 10 mm dynamic drivers. They also have flat cables to stop tangles and come with a very handy case to store them in. They apparently also have bi-flange attachments, but your guess is as good as mine as to what they are. Buying the Earphones will set you back $79.99 / €79.99 (No UK pricing was given).

The Stereo Analog Headphones are slightly more expensive, coming in at $99.99 / €99.99 but feature 40 mm dynamic drivers, which I expect are 3 times better (in some way) than the 10mm drivers found in the previously detailed earphones. It also features a braided fiber anti tangle cable and of course fits comfortably over the ears.

The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones feature many of the same specs and the non-wireless headphones, however they have the added convenience of no cables, instead opting for Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. They boast up to 20 hours of playback and CD quality sound (do CD’s even have a particularly good sound quality?) You can pre order the headphones right now for $149.99 / €149.99.

The final item in the Adaro range is the DJ Analog Headphones that come in at a whopping $199.99 / €199.99. Designed for DJ’s the ear-cups can be rotated in multiple (probably 2) directions so that a DJ can do that thing they do where they hold one ear-cup to their head so they look really cool. They also feature 50mm dynamic drivers, and a swappable cable system.

You can find more detailed information about each of the items in the Adaro range over at the Razer website. Expect to see a lot more technology-focused news (and possibly more from Razer) over the next week as CES opens its doors.