Opinion: These Xbox One Games Would Sure Make Me Happy

by on February 6, 2014

It’s a fascinating time for us gamers, isn’t it? We’ve got these shiny new systems, but as per usual, not a huge library to choose from at this early stage. Speculation will always happen, but we thought it’d be fun to put together a list of games we’d love to hear announced for our chosen console. Think of it as a fantasy world, because hell, half of these probably won’t happen.

Anyway, I’m starting the fun with the Xbox One (and that rhymes, for the record), but stay tuned as we’ll have Mick’s list of Third-Party titles, Dan’s PS4 wishlist, and not forgetting the Wii U; Sean steps up to tell us his hopes and dreams.

The first title on my list, and one I hope you’ll all jump on board about, is…


Viva Pinata

Just look at that Donkey? Who wouldn’t play that? You’re not a monster, are you?

Before RARE went Kinect-exclusive, they came up with this utterly wonderful series all about, well, Pinatas. Sounds stupid, and in many ways it was, but this simulation-cum-life-management series absorbed so many hours of my time that it’s actually a little worrying.

Here’s the thing, though, Kinect on the Xbox One works so much better, that integrated it into a Viva title could actually work positively, and not feel shoehorned in. The Xbox One has already got gritty, hyper-real, and violence covered (Dead Rising, Forza, RYSE) so what we need now is a few more family friendly titles that also keep the hardcore entertained. The balls to the walls fun that is TitanFall means we’ve got the over the top action covered, but just in case, I’d love to see…


The very fact a game like this exists is something we should celebrate

The very fact a game like this exists is something we should celebrate

Oh God, that Agency Tower – will we ever forget that achievement? The Xbox 360 felt relatively new, still, and achievements were slowly cementing themselves as a real mainstay of the device, and that tower climb and subsequent leap into the tiny pool – man, those are moments I’ll never forget.

To a degree, Saints Row 4 scratched that Crackdown itch, but nothing can replace levelling up your agent and just going crazy-ape-bonkers in the world created for us. A true sandbox, and majestic in co-op, you have to wonder why games like this aren’t pushed. The fact Saints Row 4 garnered so many Crackdown comparisons really shows how high a regard we hold the series in. Shouldn’t fun be the most important thing to gamers? And if not, why not?


F*ck this game, but also, I love this game

F*ck this game, but also, I love this game

Then again, I don’t think first-person games were ever the same after the Condemned series showed us the way. A hybrid first-person beat-em-up mixed with investigation techniques and a horrendously violent melee system – what a game. I’m not even a horror fan, but the tension created in those early Xbox 360 days was phenomenal. Sure, the series went a bit too far with the sequel, but even that was an enjoyable experience overall.

Looking at what Monolith have put out recently, it’s a disappointing read. A studio capable of putting out such truly unique examples of our beloved hobby, Monolith are currently developing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which looks excellent based on the pre-alpha gameplay footage, but truly derivative and lacking originality.


The only brown is the bear's arse

The only brown is the bear’s arse

Yep, another Rare game. Can you remember the last platformer that came out and was exclusive to Microsoft? Even Sony put out games like Sly Cooper, which may not be a critical smash everywhere (though we loved it), but include some old fashioned jumping around. Nobody expects first party developers to rival Mario, but does that mean Xbox One gamers have nothing to look forward to in that vein?

But it’s not just the platforming I’m after: like Viva Pinata, Banjo has that rare charm (pardon the pun) in that it’s full of vibrant colours and is aesthetically different to the browns and greys we are becoming far too accustomed to these days.


Using lens flare against them

Using lens flare against them

It seems obvious, but a lot of people really loved Alan Wake. While it didn’t get episodic gameplay completely spot on (who has?), it was interesting and different – which is something we’re not seeing nearly enough of from high budget titles. Mechanically it may not have set the world on fire, but at least the torch use meant it wasn’t just a brainless shooter. In fact, it was frequently confusing and deliberately left plenty unanswered, but then, if the TV show Lost taught us anything (and it didn’t), it’s that sometimes we don’t need every answer spelled out.

In Alan Wake, we had an adult-orientated franchise that, while not developed by Microsoft per-say, had hard ties to them, and with Quantum Break, it’s clear Remedy are very much involved with the Xbox One. Here’s hoping…


So I’ve had my say, those are the games I’d most like to see revisited for this brand new system. But I’ve almost certainly missed some, and would love to hear your picks – but don’t all just pick Conker, okay?

Games like Killer Instinct have shown us that Microsoft aren’t averse to pandering to either nostalgia or the desires of fans, so whilst this may just be a bit of a fantasy list for fun, I’m still holding out hope that at least one of these wonderful series’ gets the love it deserves, and is brought back into my home.