Dark Souls II: The Video Diaries

by on March 17, 2014

By now, you’ll hopefully have read our review of Dark Souls II¬†and realised we love it. But on top of that, we’ve got a handy “13 tips” article coming on Friday the 14th of March, at 9am, as well as my video diaries.

Now, I’m not the best Dark Souls player – I know that. But I tried, and I enjoy it, so hopefully that’s enough. That said, I’d welcome any tips and tricks that long-time fans can give. Every day I’ll update this article with my progress. Though it’s worth saying that these videos were compiled a few weeks ago (at time of publish), thus I’m probably a lot further in (well, a lot? maybe not…) by now.

For day one, we’ve got a video showing the opening twenty minutes of the game, but also day one proper of the diaries. The first video shows a random class I picked, and played the opening of Dark Souls II (without the opening cut-scene), whereas the second video shows the start of my playthrough in earnest.

The First Twenty Minutes of Dark Souls II

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part One

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Two

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Three

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Four

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Five

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