Dark Souls II: The Video Diaries

by on March 17, 2014

By now, you’ll hopefully have read our review of Dark Souls II and realised we love it. But on top of that, we’ve got a handy “13 tips” article coming on Friday the 14th of March, at 9am, as well as my video diaries.

Now, I’m not the best Dark Souls player – I know that. But I tried, and I enjoy it, so hopefully that’s enough. That said, I’d welcome any tips and tricks that long-time fans can give. Every day I’ll update this article with my progress. Though it’s worth saying that these videos were compiled a few weeks ago (at time of publish), thus I’m probably a lot further in (well, a lot? maybe not…) by now.

For day one, we’ve got a video showing the opening twenty minutes of the game, but also day one proper of the diaries. The first video shows a random class I picked, and played the opening of Dark Souls II (without the opening cut-scene), whereas the second video shows the start of my playthrough in earnest.

The First Twenty Minutes of Dark Souls II

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part One

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Two

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Three

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Four

The Dark Souls II Diaries – Part Five