Warner Bros Rebooting Gauntlet

by on March 17, 2014

Are any of you old enough to remember Gauntlet? I know I’m certainly not as it launched 10 years before I was born, but from what I have heard from all you old timer’s Gauntlet was quite good. Clearly the folks over at Warner Bros are old enough to remember it, as they are rebooting the franchise in the form of a “completely modernised” action RPG.

The new Gauntlet will launch on Steam this summer and will also be available on Steam OS and the upcoming Steam Machines. The reboot is a part of the WB Games Vault made-for-digital portfolio, which will see a number of older Warner and Midway games coming back in a digital form.

David Haddad, Senior Vice President of Digital Games at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has a unbelievably long title (I bet his business card is massive), but despite his long title he managed to say some words about the reboot.

“With Gauntlet we combined the arcade style of the original game with an entirely new look and feature set that includes emergent, local and online four-player gameplay,”

“Gauntlet will be the first title in the WB Games Vault portfolio, which will provide us with an opportunity to access emerging talent within the game development community and match unique skills and experience with our extensive library of properties.”

You can see the first trailer for the Gauntlet Reboot below.