Goat Simulator To End World Hunger?

by on June 17, 2014

Independent farm animal-related titles Goat Simulator and Escape Goat 2 are teaming up to help feed under-privileged families. Coffee Stain Studios, makers of Goat Simulator, and MagicalTimeBean, the developers of Escape Goat 2 are both joining up with established charity Heifer International to aid in the delivery of helpful animals to people in developing countries.

The campaign will allow gamers to donate different amounts of money to the charity, which enable them to fund a range of different animals to Farmers and families who are in desperate need, such as Goats, Cows, Camels and Llamas. In return, gamers will of course receive the warm feeling of helping those in need, but also get free copies of the two Goat-centric titles mentioned earlier.

Read below for quotes from some of the parties involved:

“Some time ago, Heifer contacted us to do some sort of cross promotion. We quickly got really excited about our common interest; goats, and now we’re suddenly doing a big campaign to save the world from hunger and poverty using the awesome power of goats.”
– Armin Ibrisagic, Coffee Stain Studios

“Give someone a goat, they’ll eat for a week. Make a game about a goat, and they’ll eat much more.”
– Tim Schafer, Double Fine Productions

“I’m proud to be part of this event, joining forces with the creator of the most prolific goat-based game in history, and the working with the most established goat-oriented charity in the world. It was Armin’s idea months ago to do a charity event with goats helping people, and Heifer came along at the right time to make it a reality.”
– Ian Stocker, MagicalTimeBean

“I am thrilled we are working with Coffee Stain Studios and MagicalTimeBean on this innovative campaign that will help us reach a new audience. Through Games For Goats, we are providing a fun and unique experience for gamers who can play a crucial role in the fight against hunger and poverty.”
– Cindy Jones-Nyland, EVP of Marketing and Resource Development, Heifer International

It is always nice to read about gamig companies with a conscience who are doing good things for those who need it, so why not click here to visit the donation page, and for more reasons why you really should donate – read our Goat Simulator review.

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