IG Dominate ESL One Frankfurt Dota 2 Tournament

by on June 30, 2014

After a thrilling weekend of Dota, the Chinese team, Invictus Gaming (IG), won the ESL One Frankfurt Dota 2 Tournament.

IG managed to defeat both Mouz (2:1) and Alliance (2:0) on their way to the final, where they met arguably the hottest team in the west right now, Evil Geniuses (EG). EG managed to defeat both NaVi (2:0) and Fnatic (2:1) to gain their place in the grand final.

The final “best of three” series between IG and EG was some of the most entertaining Dota seen this year. EG looked impressive in game one and managed to shut down YYF’s Pugna that wrecked Mouz the previous day. EG took game one comfortably.

Game 2 saw a fairly even early game but a few key pick-offs and a team fight win saw IG take a comfortable lead that they quickly turned to their advantage and forced the GG call within 25 mins.

With the series tied at 1-1, the final game 3 would decide the winner. EG decided to pick up the Wisp (IO) Tiny combo but IG came straight back with a Kunkka pick to counter the Wisp’s relocate ability, along with a Faceless Void (a hero that we can expect to see a lot at TI4.) What followed the draft was perhaps the finest Dota performance of the year – if there is such a thing as a perfect game this was the closest we have ever come to seeing one. IG crushed EG 22 kills to 0 and only lost one tower. EG were fighting an uphill battle for the whole game, but were forced to call the GG at 28 mins.

IG looked dominant in the tournament especially in the final game against EG. The win nets them a sweet trophy and $84,000.

It certainly looks like the Chinese teams are going into The International 4 as the favorites. DK have been amazing recently and Newbee have perhaps the best roster in the world. IG’s performance at ESL One also puts them into the top tier of teams that should place very highly at the biggest event of the year.