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Rainbow Six Siege is Claustrophobic Brilliance

by on June 10, 2014

Rainbow Six Patriots is dead and in its place, Rainbow Six Siege emerges in the explosive gameplay reveal below.

This is Rainbow Six reimagined. Gone are the cover systems and flashing lights of Vegas and in its place is a more classic ‘plan and attack’ style of game which gives its teams time to plan and consider how they will play the next round rather than simply throwing them against each other.

Taking clear cues from Counter Strike Global Offence in its presentation, Rainbow Six Siege also appears to crib from Battlefield Bad Company with impressive environmental destruction as the two teams tear the building apart.

Interestingly the game’s tight focus of SWAT versus terrorists in a suburban environment is closer to what people expected of Battlefield Hardline than what that game ended up being.

The game’s presentation is incredible, and the sense of tension palpable for a multiplayer game. Just how much of this will transition into unscripted gameplay is, of course, unknown, but it’s certainly an impressive reveal nonetheless.

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