The Bubble Brackets Start on Day 5 of The International

by on July 14, 2014

As detailed in yesterday’s update Day five of The International saw the start of the Bubble Brackets, which would decide who heads to the upper bracket, who goes into the lower bracket and which two unlucky teams are heading home.

Day five’s bracket saw Liquid, LGD, Cloud 9 and DK fight it out. The first best of three series was Liquid vs LGD the winner would advance to face Cloud 9 whilst the loser would be out of the tournament, taking home around $48,500. It was almost as if Liquid didn’t even turn up for this match. Both games were easily won by LGD before 30 minutes. In both games combined Liquid only managed to get 8 kills leading to LGD heading through while Liquid emotionally heads home.

LGD then went on to face Cloud 9 in what was the most entertaining series of the day. The first game saw Cloud 9 pick up a Meepo and a Bounty Hunter, two very unconventional picks, and it seemed to catch LGD off guard. Although the game went on for near 40 minutes LGD never really had a chance, leading to Cloud 9 going 1-0 up. Game two turned things around with LGD going for a more unconventional draft with a Kunkka, Bristleback and Slark whilst Cloud 9 went for a more traditional style. Another near 40 minute game saw LDG pick up the win and take the game to a deciding third match. The third game was relatively close until LGD decided to try and push high ground around the 25 minute mark, a few bad fights saw Cloud 9 gain a significant advantage which they carried until they forced the GG at the 46 minutes. Cloud 9 take the series 2-1 meaning they advance to face DK while LGD are relegated to the lower bracket of the main event.

The final series of the day saw Cloud 9 take on DK, the winner advances to the upper bracket along with the already qualified EG and ViCi and the loser joins LGD in the lower bracket. The first game saw Cloud 9 again pick up a Meepo in what was a very greedy line up. After an hour and 10 minutes of fighting DK managed to snatch the win going 1-0 up in the series. The 2nd game was do or die for Cloud 9, a loss would put them into the lower bracket, so their draft was a surprise as it was easy for DK to counter. The draft was a sign of things to come as DK dominated the game and forced Cloud 9 to call GG within 11 minutes, making this the shortest game of the tournament so far. DK head to the upper bracket and Cloud 9 join LGD in the lower bracket.

The Dota played on Day 5 was poor on most accounts. If you really want to watch something then take a look at the LGD v Cloud 9 best of three or the last game of DK vs Cloud 9.

Day 6 will see the final Bubble Bracket being played out, after that we take a break until the main event kicks off on Friday.

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