Day Three of The International 4 Ends With A Very Close Group

by on July 12, 2014

With only three sets of games remaining in the 2nd phase of The International the group has become incredibly close. ViCi are still top of the pack with a 10-3 record but have been joined by Evil Geniuses on the same score. DK and IG are the next two to be tied for third on 9-5 whilst Cloud 9 sit at 8-5 earning them 5th position. Liquid’s surprising form continued on day three resulting in them sitting in 6th at 8-6. Each of these six teams is now guaranteed to advance to the next phase and earn some amount of prize money.

NaVi had an interesting day and ended on 7-6 which means they can still be eliminated but it’s extremely unlikely. Behind them is NewBee and Titan on 7-7 and LGD who currently sit just above the drop zone with 6-8.

In joint 11th place is Alliance, Fnatic and mousesports on 5-8 who can all make it through or at least into a tie break with a couple of wins. Empire and NaVi.US have been disappointing with 5-9 records and can still go through but they depend on other results going their way. Unfortunately Arrow who sit on 2-11 will be going home empty handed.

The group, especially at the bottom can still change massively, fortunately the guys over at JoinDota have constructed an article which shows each team’s chances along with how and where they can finish.

Day three was also full of incredibly quick and entertaining games. DK vs ViCi was incredibly strange, SyndereN described it as the weirdest game of the tournament and it is certainly worth a watch. Alliance tried some old school tactics in the opening seconds against ViCi which didn’t quite work out but did lead to an entertaining start.

On the other end of the spectrum we had two super late games, both of which featured Divine Rapiers. IG vs Cloud 9 went 78 minutes and featured three rapiers but the real entertaining game was mousesports vs Fnatic which featured a rapier, a base race and some incredible plays form paS.

Day three has easily been the best yet, but the possibility of some massive tie breakers means that day four could be just as good.

Below is the full standings after day three.

1. Evil Geniuses (10-3)

1. ViCi (10-3)

3. DK (9-5)

3. IG (9-5)

5. Cloud9 (8-5)

6. Liquid (8-6)

7. Na’Vi (7-8)

8. NewBee (7-7)

8. Titan (7-7)

10. LGD (6-8)

11. Alliance (5-8)

14. Empire (5-9)

14. Na’Vi.US (5-9)

16. Arrow (2-11)