New Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay and Details

by on July 9, 2014

Yesterday Dragon Age Inquisition developers Mark Darrah (executive producer), Mike Laidlaw (lead designer), and Cameron Lee (producer) took part in a Q&A session on Raptr.

As anyone who has taken part in a Raptr Q&A session knows, finding the information from the developers in no easy task. Fortunately Eurogamer’s Bertie was on hand to sift through the spam comments and managed to get a list of all the main information. You can see the full list over at Eurogamer.

Highlights of the Q&A session include details on character creation that is described as “really in depth”, the companions that you can apparently hug and romances; some of which will have racial preferences. The full list of topics discussed is quite long and doesn’t contain any massive information (other than the previously mentioned hugging companions) but it’s worth checking out regardless.

Also released today was a brand-new 15 minute gameplay video that sees creative director Mike Laidlaw walk us through the Hinterlands area. You can see the video below.