NewBee Dominate Day 6 of The International 4

by on July 15, 2014

The second bubble bracket took place on day 6 with NewBee, Titan, NaVi and IG all trying to grab the final place in the upper bracket of the main event.

The first best of three of the day saw NewBee take on Titan, the winner would go on to face NaVi whilst the loser would be the last team to miss out on the main event and would be eliminated with around $48,500. Game one was a fairly routine affair that saw NewBee take the game in 36 minutes and thus going one up in the series. The second game was an incredible back and forth between the two teams that saw Titan come out on top, if you want to see an amazing game of Dota then watch game two of the Titan vs NewBee series. With the series tied at 1-1 game three would be the decider. NewBee managed to sneak a level 1 Roshan giving them a significant lead off the bat, combined with a first blood the lead was looking unassailable from the 5-minute mark. The perfectly executed game plan from NewBee saw them take the game and the series in 18 minutes. Titan now head home and NewBee will take on NaVi.

The second series of the day between NaVi and NewBee would see one team advance to face IG and the other be stuck in the lower bracket for the main event. The first game saw NaVi pick up a Wisp with no real combo pick, so they ended up sending it into the mid lane with Dendi’s Ember Spirit. The strange choice backfired somewhat as the Wisp – Ember Spirit combo didn’t really work resulting in NewBee taking game one. Despite its poor performance in the first game NaVi once again decided to pick up a Wisp but this time picked up a Tiny for a perfect combo. Unfortunately even the Tiny Wisp combo couldn’t defeat NewBee who again convincingly took the game. NewBee go on to face IG and NaVi head to the lower bracket of the main event.

The final series saw NewBee in their third best of three of the day take on IG. NewBee picked up a Spectre in game one whilst IG managed to get a Tinker and Lone Druid. Another convincing display from NewBee saw them take game one in an outstanding 16-minute performance. Game two saw an incredible sun-strike from Mu but that was perhaps the only positive for NewBee as IG easily won within 30 minutes. The final game was a 55 minute epic that saw NewBee come out on top, meaning they managed to win all three of their best of three’s to advance to the upper bracket whilst IG join NaVi in the lower bracket.

The International now takes a break until Friday when the main event starts at the Key Arena. The format of the event can be seen below.