Destiny – The Stats From The BETA Everyone Has Been Playing

by on August 5, 2014

It came and it passed us by in what seemed like a flash, but for the brief moment we had it, the Destiny BETA had gamers like giddy schoolkids going to the sweet shop after school had finished. But how many of you giddy schoolkids were there? Well, developers; Bungie, released some stats on the BETA that many of us are missing already.

  • 6.5 million Gaurdians were created, which is enough to populate the city of Seattle over ten times.
  • Destiny reached it’s peak for simultaneous play when 853,255 players were active at the same fan on Saturday 26th July.
  • Just under 1 million players used the companion app.
  • On average, 20% of players’ time were spent in the Tower.

For the rest of the stats, you can check out the picture that displays them, below:

Destiny BETA Stats