Dota 2: The Post TI4 Roster Shuffle Is (Almost) Over

by on August 29, 2014

It has been over a month since The International 4 concluded and NewBee walked away $5,000,000 richer. The giant screen and secret shop has been removed from the key arena, Gabe and the rest of Valve have returned to work and all the teams have headed home to reflect on their performance.

The International is often seen as the end of the Dota season and following the event many of the teams change their roster. This year has perhaps been the busiest post TI shuffle ever, with almost every major team making changes of some sort. So lets take a look at who has gone where and whom we should look out for over the coming months.




We may as well start with the champions. After an amazing performance in the latter stages of TI4 and emerging victorious many assumed NewBee would be one of the few teams who stayed together, much like 2013 winner Alliance. However this was not the case as mere days after returning home Xiao8 announced his retirement from competitive Dota. Rabbit, formerly of LGD, replaced him. The new NewBee lineup is as follows.

  • Hao
  • Mu
  • Rabbit
  • Banana
  • SanSheng


A surprisingly good performance secured second place for ViCi at TI4. But that wasn’t enough to keep their roster together. Captain of the team rOtk announced his retirement while Sylar jumped ship to LGD (more on them later). Despite losing two big players the ViCi line up is still incredibly strong as both Black^ and IceIceIce have been brought in as replacements. The New ViCi line up is as follows.

  • Black^
  • Super
  • IceIceIce
  • Fenrir
  • fy

Invictus Gaming

Staying in China next up on the list is IG. YYF is another player who announced his retirement after TI4 while Faith also joined LGD. Their replacements are June formerly of CIS and CHisbug. The full IG roster is as follows.

  • Luo
  • Ferrari_430
  • June
  • ChuaN
  • CHisbug


LGD have had a very strange 2014. At times they were considered the best in China but also dropped to tier 2 status after not getting a direct invite to TI4. DD retired from professional play and a slew of new additions have been made. It appears that LGD currently has 8 players on their team, how long that stays the case remains to be seen. The current players signed to LGD are:

  • Yao
  • DDC
  • Lin
  • Sylar
  • MMY
  • Faith
  • InJuly
  • Inflame

Team DK

The Team DK Dota 2 roster has disbanded and the organization is currently not carrying a Dota 2 team.




Perhaps the most popular team in the world has undergone significant roster changes. Both former captain Puppey and Kuroky have left the squad (more on them later) and have been replaced by Vanskor formerly of Team Empire and fng formerly of Power Rangers. The new roster is as follows.

  • Dendi
  • Funn1k
  • Vanskor
  • Fng


The winners of TI3 have changed their roster for the first time in well over a year. Although only one change has officially been confirmed (that S4 is no longer part of the squad) it appears that EGM is also on his way out. Rumors are that MiSeRy and Chessie will replace them although this is yet to be confirmed. The rumored new line up for Alliance is:

  • Loda
  • AdmiralBulldog
  • Akke
  • Chessie
  • MiSeRy

 Team Empire

After losing Vanskor to NaVi, Team Empire had an empty slot, which was swiftly filled by Solo. The rest of the roster remains unchanged and is as follows.

  • Mag
  • Resolut1on
  • Silent
  • Solo


After a very turbulent run into TI4 Fnatic had a bit of a lackluster performance which has led to three players leaving the organization. Notail/BigDaddy and Fly have both moved to a new team (it’s coming I promise) and Era has also left the organization. This leaves h4nn1 and Trixi as the only official remaining members but the new rumored line up is as follows.

  • H4nn1
  • Trixi
  • paS
  • Buugi
  • Matunbaman

Secret Team

A new team, currently going under the name of Secret Team or Team Secret has also been unveiled. The line up consists of two former NaVi players, two former Fnatic players and one former Alliance player. The squad is also home to two TI winners (Puppy and S4). The roster is as follows.

  • Puppy
  • Kuroky
  • S4
  • Fly
  • BigDaddy (n0tail)

Team Tinker (Teamarino Tinkerino)

Originally formed to only compete in I-league Team Tinker has gone on to compete and sign up for many other events, which makes it seem like they will become a permanent team. They have already won the first major post TI4 event in the Megafon Battle Arena taking home $10,000. The roster is as follows.

  • SingSing
  • Qojqva
  • EGM
  • BuLba
  • Pajkatt

Elsewhere in Europe.

Meet Your Makers have a new squad being led by Dota legend 13abyKnight, although a full roster reveal is yet to happen. Moscow 5 is back with a new lineup including Sergey ‘ARS-ART’ Revin. Mousesports seem to be in limbo with Pajkatt playing in TT, MiSeRy supposedly heading to Alliance, MSS leaving and FATA jumping ship. But in more positive news 7ckngMad is back with his new team Terra Firma eSports.

America and International


Evil Geniuses

EG have removed Mason from the team and brought back Fear who was replaced by Mason due to injury. This new lineup is the one that was dominant in the early part of the year. The roster is as follows.

  • Fear
  • Arteezy
  • UNiVeRsE
  • Zai
  • Ppd

Cloud 9

As you probably noticed SingSing has parted ways with C9 to head to Team Tinker. Former Mousesports player FATA replaced him. The new roster is as follows.

  • EternaLEnVy
  • bOne7
  • aui_2000
  • pieliedie
  • FATA

compLexity Gaming

The compLexity Gaming organization announced their return to the competitive Dota 2 scene by picking up former Heroes of Newerth team stayGreen who are looking to become one of the top Dota 2 teams. The roster is as follows.

  • Swindlemelonzz
  • Limmp
  • Zfreek
  • Riser_
  • MoonMeander

Elsewhere NaVi.US confirmed that they would be one of the only teams to keep the same roster and would stay under the NaVi organisation. Team Liquid is being very quiet, both DeMoN and wayto have left and two of the remaining players are playing in Team Tinker. Team Zephyr announced that fan favorite Purge would be replaced by popular caster and Dota personality Ben ‘Merlini’ Wu.

That is all the major roster news that we know so far. I expect that a few more announcements will be coming soon and I imagine Team Tinker and Team Secret will be picked up by an organisation sooner or later.

Which of the new rosters has the best chance of surviving until TI5? Let us know in the comments below!