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Minecraft Coming to Xbox One This Friday – PlayStation 4 Even Sooner

by on September 3, 2014

Microsoft have announced today that Minecraft will be available to download from this coming Friday, September 5th. In an interesting turn of events, Sony went and 1up’d the Redmond company by revealing that it would make Minecraft available 1 day sooner on PS4. In your face, Xbox owners!

Minecraft, everybodys favourite build em up blocky building…thing, is a craze that just won’t go away. So it was only a matter time before it turned up on the next gen consoles. What will the new version bring? Bigger maps (36 times bigger) and 4 player split screen or up to 8 players on Xbox Live seem to be the headline additions. Microsoft are offering those of you that bought Minecraft on Xbox 360 the chance to pick up the Xbox One version for just £3.99. For the n00bs, it’ll cost you £15.99.

But wait! Not wanting to be out done my mean old Mr. Microsoft, Sony have gone and pulled the rug on Microsofts perade, by apparently confirming that Minecraft will be available to download on PS4 from…tomorrow, September 4th ;

@BarraultBastien bonjour, la version dématérialisée oui, demain. Pas de date pour la version physique

— PlayStation France (@playstationfr) September 2, 2014

See? PlayStation France tweeted it and everything. Go forth, dear readers, AND BUILD!