Minecraft Tricky Trials released on all platforms, native PS5 version coming later this year

by on June 14, 2024

Mojang and Microsoft has announced that the latest update for Minecraft, Tricky Trials is available for all platforms now. On top of that, the team confirmed that developer Mojang has started testing a version of Minecraft on PS5, and says that this paves the way for a “native PS5 version to be released later this year.”

The developer says that “This PS5 version of the game is currently in experimental mode so the team can continue to make improvements and listen to community feedback over the next few months”, adding that the game is already optimised for Xbox Series S|X, where it runs at 4K resolution and 60fps, but that “these updates to optimization are a continuation of Minecraft’s efforts to ensure a great experience on consoles while paving the way for future game enhancements”.


Tricky Trials doesn’t just bring a new structure, decorative blocks, hostile mobs, weapons, items, crafting possibilities, paintings, pottery sherds, armour trims, and banners. Believe it or not, it’s also filled with traps, trials, and treasure!

Trial chambers are a new structure releasing as part of the update that are filled with traps, tricks, and treasures! No-one knows who built these sprawling copper structures (or if they do, they didn’t tell me!), but we do know what you’ll find inside them: a slew of new challenges, mobs to do battle with, rewards to claim, and blocks to build with.

Wander down the oxidized corridors of the trial chambers far enough and you’re sure to see a trial spawner light up, spilling out hordes of hostile mobs! If you’re lucky, you might even meet two new hostile mobs that call the trial chambers home: the breeze and the bogged.

Here’s a handy list of key features contained within the update:

  • Redstone-enabled auto-crafting with the crafter
  • Two new mobs: the bogged, a new skeleton variant that shoots poison arrows, and the breeze, a nimble and mischievous foe that drops the wind charge and breeze rod when defeated
  • A new weapon: the mace, which has three new unique enchantments in breach, density and wind burst, and a special smash attack that knocks back enemies
  • Five new decorative copper blocks: chiseled copper, copper grate, copper door, copper trapdoor and copper bulb
  • Thirteen new decorative tuff variant blocks: tuff stairs, tuff slab, tuff wall, chiseled tuff, polished tuff, polished tuff stairs, polished tuff slab, polished tuff wall
  • Four new status effects and potions (which can also be applied to tipped arrows): infestation, oozing, weaving and wind charging
  • Two new banner patterns (flow and guster), three new pottery sherds (flow, guster and scrape) and two new armor trims (bolt and flow)
  • Twenty new paintings: including five from in-house artist Sarah Boeving and fifteen from Kristoffer Zetterstrand, the artist behind the original set of Minecraft paintings
  • Three new music discs and nine new ambient tracks, which are also available to play on your preferred music streaming platform
  • And of course, the full trial chamber feature set inclusive of the vault, trial spawners, ominous trials – a more challenging version of the trial chambers, trial key, the heavy core, ominous bottles and the trial explorer map

Read the full details on every part of the update, here.

Minecraft is available now on all formats.